Everyone wants a more organized garage. But where do you start? Start with what you have but make it work better. Here are five simple ideas for garage storage that will help you get more out of your garage, including more space!

  1. Giant Tub Shelf: Instead of stacking them on top of each other – making it impossible to get to the bottom one easily – build or find a simple vertical shelf to stack 3 or 4 high.
  2. Giant Tub Ceiling Rack: Another idea for storing these tubs involves building simple wooden rails into the ceiling studs of your garage for them to slide in and out of by the lip of the lids. Then, put the contents label on the bottom of the tub.
  3. Holiday Decorations Bags: instead of bulky boxes, use canvas zipper storage bags as they are easily to move around and take up less space. Build simple ceiling storage to keep them off the floor. You only have to access it once a year.
  4. Pegboard: Using this storage system, all the small things that simply lost or in a box, now have a place to hang and be seen and used. Pegboard also works for larger items like shovels, hammers and step stools.
  5. Tall Item Storage: Use cardboard concrete-forming tubes – which are inexpensive – secured to a wall stud to store brooms, rakes and other tall implements out of the way.