Even though its cold outside, no one has curb appeal, and the thought of trudging through snow for open houses sends a shiver down your back, now might just be an advantageous time to buy a home.

Less Competition
There are fewer people looking for homes in the winter months, since people don’t want to move when it’s cold. So be the exception, and you’ll have more choices.

Better Deals
People who are selling their home in the winter REALLY need to sell their home. And because there’s less competition looking for homes, you might find that you will be rewarded with lower home prices and more negotiation wiggle room.

Motivated Sellers
Because business in the mortgage industry is slower in winter, you will most likely be the beneficiary of a speedier closing process. You’ll be able to move in and get cozy in your new home much faster than in the spring when everyone is buying.

Access to Your Agent
Buying a home in winter gives you the advantage of more attention from your real estate agent, as winter is a more flexible season for them. Not only is your agent less busy, but movers, contractors, and service industry companies are all more readily available.