One thing all real estate agents will tell you to do when you’re selling your home is to stage it. What does that mean exactly? As a seller, you want to highlight your home’s best features and give buyers the opportunity to see themselves living there. So you “stage” your home. You make it look like the fancy catalog version of itself, like a “stage” setting from a Broadway show, or a beautiful hotel room.

After you clean your house top to bottom and declutter it, you’ll want to remove all of your personal photos and other items. Remember, make each room look like a catalog that buyers could just step into and live. Define each space with just the right amount of furniture, art and accessories – but not too much. Add flowers. Make it smell nice.

Why does this work? If you make your home clean, tidy, organized, bright, stylish and generic they’ll be able to picture themselves living there. You want to make them fall in love with the light that comes in the bedroom window, the amazing amount of room in your closet, the generous counter space in the kitchen, and the attic room that would be a perfect home office.

Making a few small changes to your home as you go through the selling period can make your home sell faster and for a higher price. It’s all in how you stage your space to sell.