To create a fabulous guest space in your home for the holidays this year, plan ahead of time to make your guests feel cozy and comfortable while they’re with you.

The Basics – make your guest room feel like a hotel room
  • The coziest bed possible is essential. Extra pillows at the head, and extra blankets at the foot will ensure that your guests are cradled in warmth. Add a decorative headboard or hand a painting or mirror as a headboard to make the bed feel even more special. 
  • Lay out linens for the bathroom. Set folded towels, washcloths and hand towels on the bed or bathroom counter for your guest – just like a hotel!
  • Designate a place for the suitcase. A small bench, table or suitcase rack at the end of the bed will make your guest’s unpacking simpler. 

The Plus-Ups – add the comforts of home
  • A place to sit – like a comfy chair – and a small table with a lamp will make your guest’s stay more convenient. Add a clock and phone charger to the table, and a throw blanket to the chair.
  • Give your guest a key to the door, the Wi-Fi password, directions to the nearest grocery store and a list of hot-spots to visit. 
  • Add a basket of snacks to the room. A small coffee maker. Books, magazines or the local paper to read. 
  • Don’t forget fresh flowers and candy to brighten their stay.