Bathroom Design Trends move once again toward natural materials, open spaces and uniquely modern conveniences with the variety of smart home devices available. Here are a few of the trends you’ll likely see in upcoming months.

  1. Natural Materials: Look for more use of wood – both salvaged and in woodcuts – to be used in bathroom design this year. Additionally more stone slab counters, slate floors and other organic materials and wood-look tiles bring the outside inside and lend warmth and style.
  2. Glass: With open space between bedrooms and bathrooms comes the popularity of the glass wall partition to give this area a bigger, more modern feel. You’ll see it used more in walk-in showers as well.
  3. A Place for Plants: What better room with light and moisture for plants is there than the bathroom? Look for special niche shelves and built-in planters for plants to grace your bathroom and commune with nature.
  4. Inside/Outside: Bathtubs next to glass patio doors or floor to ceiling windows will blur the lines between inside and outside. And, using the natural materials mentioned above will make this transition even more seamless.
  5. Colors of the Sky: Blues will be prevalent in bathroom interior design this year – particularly pairing well with other natural materials to further mimic the outdoors. Accent with a hint of navy or indigo to complement your design.