Adding flourish to your home for the holidays is about engaging the senses – make it feel festive this month with the sights, sounds and smells of the holiday season. 

Sights of the Season
  • Greenery isn’t just for a tree or a wreath – add greenery to tabletops, lampshades, coffee tables. Flock it first for a snowy feel. Or add a small ornament or peppermint candies for a more playful look.
  • Switch out regular light bulbs for green and red ones in lamps to add a more colorful glow to a room.
  • Add bowls of holiday sweets throughout the house to indulge your sweet tooth.
  • Choose a different holiday movie to watch every night of the month – everyone in the family can take turns choosing so everyone is included.

Sounds of the Season
  • Pull out all your old holiday records or queue up your holiday playlist every day to add holiday cheer to everyday tasks.
  • Add a string of sleigh bells or jingle bells to your doorknobs so every time your doors open and close you’ll hear the sound of the season.
  • And there’s nothing like the sound of a crackling fire during the holidays!

Smells of the Season
  • If you choose a tree, choose a real one. The pine scent will fill your home with holiday vibes.
  • Make cookies! The holidays call for cookie baking and decorating.
  • Add holiday scented candles to your home to make it smell amazing for the season.