It’s football season, and whether you follow the pros or your favorite college team, game-watching parties are the centerpiece of the weekend right now! Ready to have friends over to watch your favorite game? You can easily host a football watching party and turn everyone into a fan.

  1. Tackle the Decorations – Put up flags, balloons and streamers in your favorite team’s colors. Print out a picture or two of their mascot and hang them up. Wear your team’s colors. Get paper cups, plates and napkins to match. Add pom-poms and flags to wave when your team scores.
  2. A Field of Food – Cover a table or counter with a green tablecloth and add white tape stripes to create your “field of snacks”. Layout your spread on the field, and put special items like meatballs and lil smokies in crockpots in the “end zones”! Choose easy-to-manage finger foods like veggies and dip, a cheeseboard, and mini snacks. Consider other popular favorites like deviled eggs, pizza rolls, wings and of course everyone’s favorite chips.
  3. Show Stopping Seating – Have ample seating for all your guests by moving your furniture around to create a mini stadium in your tv viewing room. Add small tables here and there to set drinks and food on during the game. Kids will be happy in a pillow pile on the floor in front of everyone and they’ll be sure to keep everyone cheering!