Fall is traditionally not seen as the home buying season, which is a reason why now might be the perfect time to buy for your family. Especially now when interest rates are at historic lows.

Mortgage Rates are Low

But will they stay there? By next spring’s home selling season, the attractive low rates may increase. So it may make sense to buy now if you can because every interest rate point can make a huge difference in not only your monthly mortgage payments, but in the money you’ll save on your home over the life of the loan.

Your Work Situation Has Changed

If you’re like a lot of people, you may have become a permanent work-from-home employee. Your need for a home office has become your impetus to buy a home. And, with companies de-centralizing and workers increasingly becoming remote, you might be considering buying that home outside the city or in another city entirely.

Your Family Has Grown 
Or is about to! It may be that you absolutely need to find a new home. In this case, rely on the knowledge and experience of your realtor partner to guide you thru this challenging market to find your perfect home. Although inventory is lower this year, and competition is higher, you can still win the home buying game. Buying a home in this situation will be worth the time and money invested, and will pay off with years of comfort ahead.