There are many steps to the selling process when you decide it’s time to sell your home. It can be overwhelming and complicated. There are ways to make it less of a headache. The biggest tip? Work with a real estate agent.

A knowledgeable and motivated real estate agent can make your home selling process smoother because they will offer you advice on how to price your home, what incentives to offer, what offers are better than others and how the rest of the housing market is doing in comparison to your home. Their valuable guidance can make your life easier.

Other tips to speed up, smooth out, and slide thru the selling process with ease:
  • Declutter your home – make it look as much “like a catalog” as you can: clean, airy, spacious and fresh
  • The better shape your home is in, the more offers you’ll receive. So repair damaged woodwork, floors, windows and appliances.
  • Neutralize your décor: homes that are decorated in neutral colors sell faster and also enable potential buyers to see themselves better in your space
  • Update and maintain your outdoor landscaping during showings: add flowers, trim the lawn, shrubs and trees…remember you’re going for a “catalog” look
  • Keep your home pristine clean on showing days and have a place to stash the things you need to hide during a showing: toddler toys, pet crates, and any projects-in-process that add to visual clutter