The house-hunting process can strain the strongest of relationships (and nerves). From time constraints to last-minute schedule changes to the never-absent and niggling fears over money, searching for a home taxes all of us.

Never fear. You can manage the stress while finding the home you really want and need. 

Schedule it. Nothing puts a mind at ease like a thorough checklist (look it up—checklists are the bomb). In this case, you may want to put your checklist on a shared calendar with your significant other. Having all the open houses and appointments in front of you, for all to see, takes all those items out of your mental orbit (where they sometimes fly off into the forgotten ether) and makes them concrete. There’s security and freedom in that.

Don’t schedule too much. Pace yourself—finding just the right place can seem like a rat race. Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. Even if you truly have a deadline for finding a home and moving, you can’t afford the stress of cramming too many appointments into the day.

Lean on your agent. That’s where a really good real estate agent comes in particularly handy. Let your agent do all the arrangements, calls and bird-dogging. That’s what they get paid for. That’s what they love to do. As a bonus, when your agent does it, you know it’s getting done right by someone who’s walked this path before. 

Go ahead, relax. Even the most harried house hunt can seem easy if you let it be.