When you’re looking to buy a house, one top item on the list is securing financing. However, if you’re credit rating is lagging a bit, you could find yourself missing out on the record-breaking rates on mortgages right now—or being denied altogether.

Don’t let that happen to you. Take these steps to boost your credit:

Pay off late bills now. Any overdue bills—say, for utilities or medical services—should be paid off first. With the current crisis weighing on everyone, some creditors may entertain forgiving certain debts entirely. However, if they’re not, work out a plan to pay those niggling overdue bills as quickly as possible to avoid collectors, who can spell doom for your credit.

Pay off small debts. Have a store credit cards or an “emergency” card with a balance of a few hundred or a couple thousand dollars? Focus on paying off those small outstanding consumer debts right away. Having entire bills off the books will get your score restarted in the right direction.

Credit Services. If you think your situation is serious, you also may want to consider calling Consumer Credit Counseling Services (credit.org). They’re a nonprofit extension of the Internal Revenue Service that provides a variety of services to boost your credit and help you retire your consumer debt quickly.