In the quest for the perfect home, many of us tend to dream of the spotless house with never-soiled countertops and rugs, always clean and …

Oh, stop. Perfect is the enemy of good, or in this case, simply not cluttered with stuff. And to that end, we offer the following:

If you haven’t used it in a year … A recent trend stipulates that if you haven’t used it or read it or even picked it up in the past year, sell it or give it away. It’s not a bad idea (except for family heirlooms). And for heaven’s sake, don’t rent a storage unit to plop it in. You have enough space devoted to junk already.

Find a place for it. Those keys, those shoes, those dumb ball caps that always seem to be in the wrong place—there is a place for all of them. You just need to make one and always only put them there when they’re not being used. For the space-conscious, wall hooks and over-the-door closet hangers can provide spaces for all those things and more where there seemed to be none before.

Give it away. Always seem to be tripping over the same old tools in the garage or those boots you thought you loved but never even wore? Don’t store them. Give them to the nearest shelter or Salvation Army. Somebody can use them who actually needs them.

There’s a way to clear up your space. Just tackle the junk one piece at a time, and before you know it, your place is clean and clutter-free.